Laboratory for testing agriculture inputs: pesticides and fertilizers.

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Laboratory for testing foods, raw food and processed food.

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Laboratory for testing medicines / drug both for human consumption and veterinary purpose.

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Punjab Agriculture, Food & Drug Authority

MISSION:  World class public health achievement by scientific evaluation of food, drug and agriculture inputs.

VISION:    Scientific investigation, research and evaluation to secure food and drug safety and optimization of agriculture yield.

Director General Message

Dr. Ashraf Tahir

Low quality food, drugs and agriculture inputs pose severe health threats and economic losses to whole community. A safe and nutritionally adequate diet and high quality of medicine is a basic individual right and an essential condition for sustainable development, especially in developing countries...
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Project Director Message

Mr. Jameel Ahmed Jameel

Provision of quality medicines, food and agriculture inputs is a fundamental need of human being to maintain and improve life. Despite technological advancement, public awareness and Govt. regulations etc., adulteration, contamination and impurities in food, drugs and agriculture inputs ...
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