Laboratory for testing agriculture inputs: pesticides and fertilizers.

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Laboratory for testing foods, raw food and processed food.

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Laboratory for testing medicines / drug both for human consumption and veterinary purpose.

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Punjab Agriculture, Food & Drug Authority

MISSION:  World class public health achievement by scientific evaluation of food, drug and agriculture inputs.

VISION:    Scientific investigation, research and evaluation to secure food and drug safety and optimization of agriculture yield.

Chief Minister Message

Effective food, drug and agriculture inputs regime is paramount to ensure a healthy and prosper society. Provision of quality medicine, food and agriculture inputs is therefore fundamental in fight against different diseases. Unfortunately, the standard of Testing / Analysis has remained...
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Director General Message

Low quality food, drugs and agriculture inputs pose severe health threats and economic losses to whole community. A safe and nutritionally adequate diet and high quality of medicine is a basic individual right and an essential condition for sustainable development, especially in developing countries...
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